What Is The Best Fire Pit In The Market?

What is the best fire pit in the market? With summer’s arrival, we tend to stay outdoors. With fire pits, you’ll be able to enjoy fire warmth on cool breezy nights under glowing stars. As the night grows chilly, the warmth of wood fire gives a soothing effect and lets you relax.

What is the best fire pit in the market?

Fire pits in the market now are not only known for their firing capabilities but have also become multi-taskers. You can enjoy grilling and roasting adventures on it. Most of all they have become pieces of art. They have become the centre of attention in backyards and patios.

Fire pits have become versatile with their multiple capabilities. They come in different ranges starting from a very small budget to a very lavish range. Depends on what you’re looking for.

You can go either portable ones as your camping agent. Or you can add a beautiful piece to your outdoor space. That will not only provide you with a cosy setup but also grab the attention of many eyes in daylight.

In this article, we have enlisted one of the best fire pits you’ll find in the market with their respective pros and cons. The list comprises heavy-duty fire pits to classy artistic models that will add worthy addition to your outdoor sitting areas.

1. Tiki stainless steel low-smoke fire pit

TIKI Brand 25 Inch Stainless Steel outdoor wood burning fire pit

Tiki is a well-known established brand, which came into existence about half a century ago with a bamboo torch. What makes the Tiki fire pit at the top of our list is its efficient and thoughtful design.   It is probably one of the best fire pits which emits no to a very little amount of smoke.

Because of the efficient airflow system hot smoke is recycled back into the fire chamber. Hence saves you from coughing fits. Although it is quite expensive as compared to other fire pit in the market. But it overcomes it with splendid performance, looks, and easy-to-use features.

Fire ignites easily within a few minutes and takes up to 15 minutes to burn properly. It has a deep large space inside and can hold a large amount of wood in it. This fire pit model comes with an ashtray to remove ash burns after it cools down. But it takes time to cool off and handle it with care when the flames burn off.

  • Spacious deep fire pit
  • Efficient airflow system to control smoke
  • Elegant and durable design
  • Comes with stand and cover
  • Withstand weather conditions
  • Expensive

2. Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit

Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit

With age comes intelligence, you don’t have to always look for a wood fire pit. As this outland portable propane fire pit works on gas. There are multiple advantages of using gas over wood. They produce less carbon than wood and leave no mess or ashes to clean up.

If you are into camping you might know there are multiple places where you cannot ignite the fire using wood. In such scenarios, this will be the perfect choice for you. As it is a portable product to carry along.

When it comes to its shortcomings, the hose length could have been improved. You might have to look for an extension to overcome this.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Produces great heat
  • Propane gas can be costly 

3. Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

With the modern peek-through design, the Pleasant Hearth Martin fire pit grabs the attention of many eyes. Just take it out of the box and boom it is ready to use.  It has plenty of space to consume a large number of wood logs in it.

With its huge internal space, fire is dispersed in all corners properly.  It is lightweight but a sturdy unit. You can balance the pit, using some lava rocks or some old bricks to give it a strong base.

It also comes with grill grates, so you can enjoy grilled food while enjoying close gatherings with friends and family. We would recommend this product when you are looking to relax in an outdoor space with hot food.

  • Sturdy material
  • Light weighted
  • Plenty of space, extra deep design
  • Have to additionally buy a fire pit cover

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4. Peaktop Propane Gas Fire Pit

Peaktop Propane Gas Fire Pit

Peaktop fire pits are famous for their artistic and innovative designs in the market. This fire pit is also one of their masterpieces, it is a circular fire pit built with lava rocks. This one fits nicely in an outdoor space in the sitting area.

If you look at its dimensions, it is a small compact pit that sits perfectly at the centre. It is quite low as compared to other fire pits in the market. So, it lets us enjoy a traditional setup as you’ll feel warmth in your legs rather than spitting sparks on your face.

The propane tank fits perfectly in the allocated space and can control the heat easily from high to low. You can use it safely even in the windy season. And above all, no smoke is generated due to the use of propane gas, and no mess is left behind clean-up.

  • Adjustable flame
  • Attractive design with lava rocks
  • Portable and light-weighted
  • Not suitable for large gatherings

5. Sunjoy Round Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit

Sunjoy Round Wood Burning Steel Fire Pit

If you’re tired of basic black pits and looking for something that could be used as a centre of attention in your outdoor sitting area. This fire pit can end your search with its unique wood and steel combo. The knitted design attracts charismatic interest to the fire pit even when it is not in use.

Without sparks and embers coming out of the pit, the ventilated steel screen gives the wood plenty of space to burn stronger and spread evenly in all corners. To spread the heat smoothly you can use the fire poker that comes along with the fire pit.

  • deep bowl with multiple accessories
  • attractive woven design
  • spacious
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty


1. Can I leave the fire burning in the fire pit overnight?

Do not leave the fire pit unattended as there would be potential danger of fire-catching incidents in the surroundings. We’ll recommend putting off the fire properly before calling out the night. Do not throw water at once to put off the fire. Instead, spray water in a zig-zag motion. And make sure to turn the upside layer to the downside. If you’ll dump water in one go it will look like the fire is completely off. But there will be remains of fire sparks at the bottom that can ignite fire again when exposed to wind.

2. How do I start a fire in the fire pit?

For starting a fire in the fire pits, you’ll require the right material. You can use a lighter to ignite a fire, some dry leaves or tinder, some branches or kindling, or any seasoned dry firewood will be easy enough to start the fire. Make sure you have no nearby lighter fluids or gasoline as they can release toxic smoke or gases. You don’t need them at all using fire pits.

3. Can I put my fire pit on the wooden deck?

Yes, you can put a fire pit on the wooden deck. But it is a lot trickier as wooden decks are fragile and if not placed properly they can damage the wooden surface. If you are looking to put a fire pit on a wooden deck safely. You can visit our detailed article on this particular topic: what to put under a fire pit on a wooden deck?


At the end of this article, we hope you get what you’re looking for. Before buying a fire pit you should clear a few things. Like where you are going to put it, what are your surroundings?  How much capacity it must hold? And whether you want to burn wood or propane gas will suit you the more? Make a list and clear your questions and then start your market search. And choose the best fire pit that is available in the market.

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