Can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck?

Can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck? Yes, you can put a fire pit on the deck but not directly. There are several steps to consider and go through before putting a fire pit on a wooden deck.

Do you have outer space covered with a wood deck and there is no spare place to put a fire pit? And now you are looking for whether you can place it on the wood surface or not. Or you might want the fire warmth right outside your door to enjoy lounge space in a cosy setup.

Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck?

But as we know wood and fire mixture cannot be placed together. As wood is the engine to fire. So how will you put a fire pit on the wooden deck? In this article, we’ll explain what factors you must consider before placing it on deck. If you want thorough instructions on how and what to put under the fire pit, must visit our article: What do you put under a fire pit on a deck?

Can you put a fire pit on a wood/timber deck?

Putting a fire [pit on a wood deck safely depends on what kind of fire pit you are using and how you have installed it.

  • First of all, check whether the fire pit is CSA-approved or not. A fire pit that is CSA-approved goes through severe testing to certify its high quality.
  • Never put a fire pit directly on the wood surface. Make sure you have placed insulators or high heat-resistant mats.
  • Moreover, follow the directions given by the manufacturer. If you’ll follow the safety guidelines given by the manufacturer you can put a fire pit on the deck safely and soundly.
  • Check-in with your area safety guidelines. Several areas have a burn ban. Make sure you are not violating your municipal guidelines.
  • Make sure your wooden deck can withstand the weight of the fire pit. It shouldn’t be too bulky otherwise it may break or dent the wood.
  • Make sure to select a compatible type of fire pit. Rather than a wood-burning fire pit, you should go for a propane gas-based fire pit.
  • You can make use of pit covers or spark screens to be safe from ashes and fire embers coming out of the fire pit.


Is it safe to put smokeless fire pits on the deck?

Yes, they are safe to be placed on the deck. If there is a heat resistive mat or fire pads in between the deck surface and fire pit. You cannot place them directly on the wood without a protective barrier in between them.

Can you put a portable fire pit on a deck?

Yes, you can. Choose a flat, stable spot, follow local regulations, and opt for a gas fire pit for added safety. Use a heat-resistant barrier underneath, maintain clearance from surrounding objects, and never leave it unattended. Always prioritize safety by having a fire extinguisher nearby and extinguishing the fire thoroughly after use.

What is the best height for a fire pit?

As per the general rule of thumb, the fire pit must be 10 to 14 inches above the ground. But we’ll suggest you make it 18 to 20 inches above for a comfortable position and alliance with the patio furniture.

Can you put a gas fire pit on a deck?

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures the safe usage of a gas fire pit on your deck, eliminating any risk of fire hazards. Gas fire pits are designed in a way that prevents the expulsion of burning embers or the emission of intense heat that could potentially trigger combustion on the deck’s surface. These fire pits are constructed to channel the heat upward and outward, effectively minimizing any dangers associated with their operation.


Placing a fire pit directly on the wooden surface can be dangerous if precautions are not taken. Follow the guidelines and you do not have to worry about it any further. If you have no idea how to do it and what procedure to follow. Go visit our detailed articles about fire pits and what else to keep in mind while buying and installing fire pits on different surfaces. Good luck we dearly hope you got the answer you were looking for.

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