How To Measure Grill Grates? Tips For Choosing The Right Size

How To Measure Grill Grates? As the summer season approaches and temperatures rise, the allure of outdoor cooking on a grill becomes irresistible. Escaping the confines of the kitchen and indulging in the pleasures of outdoor camping and grilling adventures becomes a must.

Exploring various grill grate types, as discussed in our article “Are All Grill Grates the Same?”, can provide valuable insights for those considering a new purchase. Among the critical factors to contemplate before acquiring a grill grate is its size.

How To Measure Grill Grates?

This article aims to explain the process of accurately measuring your grill grate’s dimensions, coupled with practical tips for selecting the appropriate size.

With ample space, the task of grilling is simplified, allowing for effortless food flipping and turning. Furthermore, a capacious grill grate accommodates a greater number of steaks or other delectable items to be grilled simultaneously, translating to efficient time utilization.

Grill grate dimensions – Measuring steps to follow:

This guide will provide not only a systematic approach to measuring stainless grill grates but also invaluable guidance in selecting the optimal size to fulfil your grilling aspirations.

Measure the width
  • For width measurement, measure your grill from one side to the opposite end side.
  • Take measurements carefully from at least three sides to get accurate approximate values.
  • When you are measuring the grill, give a number that can fit inside the grill. Try to round down to ¼’, ½”, and ¾” or to a full inch. Do not round off the number if they fall in these dimensions.
Measure the depth
  • As the width is measured from side to side. Measure the depth from front to back. This is going to bar length
  • All the rest tips are the same as mentioned above in the width section.

How to measure grill size?

Calculating the total area
  • To calculate the total area, there is a simple formula
  • Multiply total width * depth

Area = width * depth

  • This will be your grill grate area
  • For example: if your width is 20” and depth is 15” then the total area will be

20” * 15” = 300 square inches or 0.350 sq-in

Choose the number of pieces
  • You can choose 1 or 2 pieces as per your liking. You can ask the manufacturers for one large grate or in multiple pieces.

How To Measure Grill Grates? – Buying Guide For 2023

We are going to share with you some of the pro tips if you are going to shop for a grill grate.

Consider the cooking surface area

As you might know, grill grates come in square inches. This area mostly accommodates the cooktop area and warming rack. For an idea, a 500 sq-in grill grate can easily hold on 25 steak pieces at once.

Direct and indirect cooking

If you are familiar with grilling then you must be aware of direct and indirect cooking scenarios. Small or thinner foods that cook up quickly can be cooked direct right above the fire. But most grilling relies on indirect cooking, which means low heat or high above the fire.

Sometimes you’ve to combine the magic of direct and indirect cooking to get splendid results. You may have heard it as the sear and slide technique. Go for large-size grates so that would be easy enough for active burners to ignite heat and spare space for the food to be prepared indirectly.

Control over burners

Larger grills come with more burners. More the number of burners more control you’ll have. Indirect cooking will require at least two burners. The increase in burner options will also facilitate cooking options and flexibility as the temperature for each burner can be set separately.

Don’t overfill the grill grate

Try not to over-bombard the grill grate, as it will be difficult to manage while grilling. You might have to flip food over time. It will create trouble. An ideal estimate for such situations is that you should free up to 25% of the grill grate.


How to measure a round grill grate?

Round grill grates come in a standard size of 21.5 diameters. To measure the size of the grill grate you have to first calculate the depth and then the width of the grill grate. In the end, multiply those figures to get an accurate figure.

Can we use rusted grill grates?

It is safe to use rusted grates. You can cook on rusted grill grates without fearing much about sticking issues of food chunks at the bottom. You can consume the food made on a rusted grate as there is no evidence of any health issue.

What are the different types of grill grates?

Grill grates are mainly categorized into three types. Stainless steel, cast iron, and enamel-coated grill grates. Each type has its pros and cons.


Cooking for a large audience can be hectic especially when you are escaping from the kitchen and traditional cooking. In a hurry, you may want to mix and whisk all the ingredients and place them on the griller to cook at once.

You should avoid such attacking techniques rather you should be prepared beforehand. And take time choosing the grate from its build to its size.

You can save yourself from a lot of frustration and hustle just by giving yourself some time to read this article on How To Measure Grill Grates.  Hope you get the answers you were looking for in our article.

Happy shopping!

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