Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

House gardens and lawns are the most fascinating and thrilling areas of the house. This is an area where you can sit and enjoy the outdoor weather. Here, you will be right close to the natural environment. This practice helps you to refill your energies. Whenever you are tired and want a rest, you can go and sit on the lawn and house garden. It will eventually change your mood. If you are a nature lover then you must look for the materials for outdoor furniture.

Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

The most important part of your lawn and terrace is the sitting area of it. And of course, the sitting area needs some furniture items. Like chairs, tables, and sofas. Furniture plays an important role in the setting of any lawn or terrace.

Therefore, all furniture items must be comfortable. The chairs and sofas should be comfortable for sitting. For this purpose, you must check the furniture materials.

The furniture could be made up of many materials. These materials included wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, etc. So here is a question, what is the Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture? Our team has made a thorough research on the furniture materials.

Our team has deeply checked all the strengths and weaknesses of different materials. So, follow this article and you will be able to choose your furniture by yourself.

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Types of outdoor furniture material

Here are some materials for outdoor furniture. These materials are very much common in outdoor furniture manufacturing. Read this research carefully.

1. Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood is a very common material for furniture manufacturing. It is also the more ancient raw material for furniture making.

Wood furniture is the most favourite furniture in the world. Chairs or tables made up of wood material have a natural look and beauty. However, when we talked about the woods, we should remember that all woods are not the same.

There are some woods, which are used to make furniture for indoor purposes. Different types of wood have their uses.

There are two categories of woods. The first is softwood and the second is hardwood. Softwoods are not much expensive. In softwoods, pine, cedar, and fir are included. These woods are mostly used for making indoor furniture. This furniture, cannot survive in outdoor settings.

Hardwoods are oak, teak, and maple. These woods are weather resistant. They are friendly with outdoor furniture. They are a little bit expensive.

  • Vulnerable to water
  • Availability
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather friendly
  • Colour fading may not be to everyone’s taste

2. Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium is the most easy-to-use material. It is widely used in making furniture. You must choose aluminium material if you want to give your lawn a fancy and beautiful look.

Moreover, this material is now popular for making outdoor chairs and tables. These can be easily used on lawns and terraces.

Also, this metal is light in weight, so it is easy to move from one place to another. Aluminium is easily foldable. Due to easy moulding, it can be changed into many shapes.

In a nutshell, this is the reason that the furniture made with aluminium has different styles in the market. Aluminium has an extra coating capability. This ability made it more heat and cold-resistant.

  • Lightweight
  • Able to leave outside
  • simple to clean
  • Heat retainer
  • Lightweight pieces may be knocked over in extreme weather

3. Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Another important material is natural wicker. Natural wicker is a material, which is made up of plant sources. The plants included such as bamboo and sea grass etc.

Moreover, This material is a natural source for making furniture. These are easily mouldable. This is the reason that the furniture made up of these materials comes in a large variety and designs.

This material is not very much expensive. It is also weather-friendly material. All weather wickers are strong and come in a big variety. This weather wicker material also needs some care. In the case of cracks, it becomes useless.

  • Availability
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Beautiful look
  • Less weather resistance

4. Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Plastic is a very light material. It is easy to move from one place to another. Plastic furniture is the most common furniture nowadays.

Moreover, plastic furniture is not only light in weight but also very stylish. This furniture is weather friendly and waterproof.

Plastic material is also free from insect and yeast issues. Maintenance and cleanliness of this furniture are also very easy.

In addition to this, Plastic furniture is the best outdoor furniture material for rain mostly used on the terrace. It is the strongest outdoor furniture. You should not worry about removing the furniture.

All in all,  this is the type of furniture which can travel with you as well. They come in numerous colours. And there is no fear of colour fading as well.

  • Solidly built
  • Simple to maintain
  • Recyclable
  • To light for windy weather

5. Eucalyptus Outdoor Furniture

Eucalyptus is a very useful material. This material is cost-friendly and easily affordable. Eucalyptus furniture is very much durable. The furniture made with this material looks beautiful. It gives a very fancy look to your garden. This hardwood originated in Australia.

Now, this hardwood is spreading quickly throughout the world. Eucalyptus is weather resistant as well. Eucalyptus furniture needs to be oiled on a regular basis. It also remains safe from insects.

All in all, this outdoor furniture also needs specific care while using. Otherwise, there is a threat of cracks as well.

  • Tough
  • Dense and strong
  • Fast-growing and renewable resource
  • Portable
  • Damages threats

6. Steel  Outdoor Furniture

Steel is a very strong furniture item. This is spreading widely across the world. There are many reasons for its popularity. One main reason is its easy availability. It is free from all dangers of being damaged. It is free from all threats of dents.

Moreover, the material used in this furniture is actually weather friendly. You can use this furniture in coastal areas as well. It is immune from all humidity and salty water.

Steel Furniture is heavy and never blows away or got messy during the windy season. Steel furniture is mostly observed in modern houses.

Moreover, it gives a very decent and beautiful look to your lawns and gardens. Although it is a very expensive material it is so long-lasting. However, it is very easy going in use.

  • Availability
  • Weather friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Absorb heat

7. Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Iron is a very old material used for furniture since its beginnings. Iron is not only used for making outdoor furniture but also used to make tools. This furniture can stay at home even after hundreds of years. It needs proper care.

Moreover, Oil and polishing will help the furniture last for many generations. This material is heavy weighted so there is no threat of blowing during the fast winds. So these all reasons make it the best outdoor furniture in the furniture industry. T

All in all, this furniture must need dome cushions and pillows. The reason is its solid material. Without soft cushions, it will be a bit uncomfortable.

  • Long-lasting
  • Durable materials
  • Intricate designs
  • Solid
  • Need cushions

8. Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is one of the most expensive woods. This wood is very much famous for making outdoor strongest furniture. This wood is greatly in demand. The reason for this wood’s popularity is its honey-brown colour. This colour looks very beautiful on the lawns and gardens.

Moreover, Furniture made with this wood is widely encouraged for outdoor use. Teak material is free from damage threats. There is no risk of cracks. Teak woods have natural oil inside them. However, this made the teak furniture free from insects. It is easy to maintain and clean.

  • Long-lasting material
  • Naturally weather resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Looks beautiful
  • High price

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Durable Outdoor Furniture – Things To Consider

We’ve talked about the Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture, but what does “durability” really mean in this case? And can every piece of outdoor furniture handle tough weather?

Sadly, the quick answer is no. But here’s what you should remember when you’re looking for outdoor furniture

1. Rain and humidity

You should be very careful while using furniture in the coastal area. Furniture can be damaged by humid air. You should be very careful while using furniture in rainy areas. Heavy rains and humid air could damage the furniture. Moreover, humidity can also produce fungi inside the furniture.

2. Heat and temperature

There is a need for more care while living in high-temperature areas. Temperature also could damage the outdoor furniture. Heat and sunlight are the reason for cracks in plastic furniture. Colour is also could be faded in the sunlight.

Dry and hot air is the reason for breaking and moulding the furniture. Sometimes furniture absorbs the heat and this makes the furniture uncomfortable while used.

3. Wind

Your furniture should not be very light in weight. This is not suitable for you if you are living in windy areas.

Outdoor furniture should be heavy and thick. Heavy and high-volume furniture is wind resistant. This is why there are fewer chances of damage and broken.

If you choose lightweight chairs and tables then there is trouble taking care of the furniture all the time.

4. Durability

Furniture should be durable and reliable. The reason is that buying complete outdoor furniture is itself a heavy investment. Therefore, furniture should be long-lasting.

Outdoor furniture is frequently used by the whole family. Some families prefer lunch in the open air. Moreover, kids use the chairs and tables carelessly sometimes. So, furniture should be reliable.

5. Maintenance of the outdoor furniture

Some furniture items are easy to handle. They are easy to clean and maintain. Like plastic chairs and aluminium items. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or normal soap.

Some furniture items are not so easy to maintain. It happens sometimes because of designs. So, always buy outdoor furniture, which is easy to clean and strong.

6.  Price:

Before buying outdoor furniture, you should check the price first. The price should be according to your pocket. You should stay within your budget.

Some furniture items are much more expensive like wood and aluminium etc. If you cannot afford expensive stuff then kindly choose less costly materials. Less expensive materials are plastic and steel.


 What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?

he outdoor furniture mostly depends upon the environment. It includes weather conditions like rainy, windy, etc. Outdoor furniture should be weather friendly. If you are living in a rainy place then chose plastic or steel furniture. These materials are not damaged easily. If your area is windy, then go for iron and wood furniture. These materials are heavy and will not blow during the wind.

2. How long does wicker furniture last?

Wicker furniture is made up of softwood. These woods are bamboos and seagrass. This material although looks very beautiful but is not very long-lasting. These are less durable when used for outdoor purposes.

3. What type of material is good for outdoor furniture?

The plastic material is best for outdoor chairs and tables. Plastic material is highly recommended because of its lightweight and easy use. This material is weather friendly. There is no problem with deep maintenance as well.

4. Should I cover my outdoor patio furniture?

It is not always important to cover the outdoor furniture. But sometimes, just to save our money we need to cover our outdoor furniture. In the case of heavy rain and snowfall, you must cover the garden or patio furniture. It is good for furniture durability.

5. How long does wooden patio furniture last?

Wooden furniture which is made with teak wood is the most long-lasting. Teak wood is rainforest wood. So, teak furniture can even survive in rainy weather for a long time.


Outdoor furniture is made up of different materials. It depends upon your choice what kind of material you choose for your outdoor furniture. Furniture also comes at different prices. The weather is different everywhere. So, before buying furniture it is important to check the climate of your area. Read this article carefully.

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