Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

Tired of battling the elements damaging your outdoor furniture? Waterproof outdoor furniture covers are the answer. They shield against rain, sun, and dirt, extending your furniture’s lifespan. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits and features of these covers, ensuring your patio set remains as inviting as the day you bought it.

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

Discover how heavy waterproof outdoor furniture covers can revolutionize your outdoor experience. Say goodbye to constant cleaning and weather-induced wear and tear. Join us as we reveal expert insights to help you choose the right cover, ensuring your outdoor haven remains a welcoming retreat for years to come.

Our selection criteria: Heavy waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

To choose the outdoor heavy waterproof covers we kept in mind the type of furniture homeowners want to cover, and what size and material will cover the most of furniture parts. We’ve enlisted only those covers that withstand our rigorous testing.

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1. CKCLUU Waterproof patio furniture set cover

CKCLUU waterproof patio furniture set cover

The CKCLUU waterproof patio furniture Cover Set has customizable sizes and a robust weather-resistant design.  The waterproof Furniture Cover Set boasts impressive dimensions of 78 x 62 x 30 inches, making it suitable for various furniture shapes and sizes. It is crafted from high-quality polyester and has long-lasting protection.

Moreover, these waterproof cover sets can effortlessly withstand harsh weather conditions, including intense UV rays and heavy rainfall. The waterproof feature ensures your furniture remains dry even during torrential downpours.

Key Features:

Dimensions: 78 x 62 x 30 inches
Material: Premium Polyester
Waterproof: Yes
Heavy-duty: Yes

The cover set includes buckle straps at the bottom, allowing you to securely fasten the covers to your Patio Outdoor furniture. This ingenious design prevents displacement, even in gusty winds, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

  • Customizable sizes
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Secure buckle straps
  • LAesthetic appearance may not appeal to everyone
Why should you buy the CKCLUU waterproof patio furniture Cover Set?

This CKCLUU waterproof  Furniture Cover Set stands as a reliable and practical solution for safeguarding your outdoor furniture investment. Its ability to endure harsh conditions, combined with its customizable sizing, makes it a standout choice.

2. ESSORT Outdoor Furniture cover set

The remarkable feature of the ESSORT patio furniture set is its double-stitched construction, which provides protection against tearing.

This cover set is available in a range of sizes, ensuring that your furniture is adequately covered regardless of its dimensions. When confronted with severe storms, opting to cover your outdoor furniture is more practical than moving it indoors.

Moreover, these outdoor waterproof furniture cover set is the user’s first choice due to their durability and resistance to water and UV rays prove their worth.

By utilizing this cover set, you can maintain your furniture’s cleanliness and ensure it remains dry even in adverse weather conditions. The inclusion of Velcro sections at the cover’s corners further enhances its functionality by securely fastening it to your furniture.

Key Features:

Dimensions: 124 x 63 x 29 inches
Material: Polyester
Waterproof: Yes
Heavy-duty: Yes

ESSORT patio outdoor furniture cover set stands out due to its reinforced double-stitched design, offering exceptional tear resistance. With a variety of sizes available, these covers prove valuable during intense storms

Furthermore, the Velcro sections at the corners ensure a secure fit. With dimensions of 124 x 63 x 29 inches and its heavy-duty, waterproof Oxford Fabric polyester material, this cover set is a reliable choice for your outdoor furniture protection needs.

  • Strong polyester with double stitched covers
  • Protects against water and UV rays
  • Adjustable drawstrings
  • Didn’t stay in place
Why should you buy the ESSORT waterproof patio furniture Cover Set?

You should consider buying this waterproof outdoor furniture set because it has velcro sections at the corners to ensure the safety of the outdoor furniture. Moreover, this waterproof furniture cover set is designed specifically for large-sized furniture maximum of 12 seats furniture sets.

3. Duck Ultimate Waterproof Square Patio Furniture Set Covers

The elegant Mocha Cappuccino color outdoor furniture set, you can safeguard your patio tables and up to six patio chairs from the elements. The cover’s dimensions are 92 x 92 x 32 inches, providing ample coverage for your furniture set.

With the durable fabric, this cover offers excellent waterproof protection against rain, dirt, wind, and snow. The outdoor furniture cover’s heavy-duty design contributes to its longevity, making it a reliable choice for outdoor furniture protection.

The cover set has a click-close buckle and an adjustable cord lock system, which work to securely fasten the cover in place. This ensures that even on windy days, the cover remains firmly attached to your furniture, providing continuous protection.


Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 32 inches
Material: fabric
Waterproof: yes
Heavy-duty: yes

In addition to this, its nylon construction and meticulous design make it a reliable choice for extending the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Keep your patio tables and chairs in excellent condition year-round with this dependable and stylish cover from Duck Covers.

  • Can cover bulky furniture sets
  • High quality
  • Outstanding Waterproofing
  • Durability
  • All-Weather Performance
  • Generous Sizing Aesthetic Appeal
  • Expensive
Why should you buy the Duck Ultimate Waterproof Square Patio Furniture Set Covers?

Choosing the Duck Ultimate Waterproof Square Patio Furniture Set Covers means investing in top-tier protection for your outdoor furniture. With their emphasis on waterproofing, durability, and secure fastening mechanisms, these covers offer a reliable solution to extend the lifespan and maintain the beauty of your patio furniture.

4. Mrrihand Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers Waterproof

The Mrrihand Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Cover offers comprehensive protection for your outdoor furniture set.

With the dimensions 89.7″L x 62.2″W x 28.3″H, this cover is versatile enough to fit a range of furniture pieces. Whether you have end tables, benches, coffee tables, chairs, a round or oval patio dining table set with 8-12 chairs, or a 6-8 seat sofa set, this cover can accommodate them all. It’s crucial to measure your furniture’s dimensions before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

This waterproof furniture cover boasts excellent waterproofing capabilities. Its inner layer is equipped with a PU waterproof coating and waterproof tape along the seams. These features work together to effectively repel moisture, keeping your furniture dry and shielded from rain, snowstorms, dust, fallen leaves, and potential scratches.

Moreover, 600D UV protection oxford fabric, the outer layer of the cover is not only strong but also offers protection against UV rays. This durable material ensures the cover’s resilience over time, allowing it to withstand the elements and remain a reliable choice for your outdoor furniture.


Dimensions: 89.7 x 62.2 x 28.3 inches
Material: polyester
Waterproof: yes
Heavy-duty: no

An air vent design has been incorporated into the cover to facilitate proper air circulation. This feature is instrumental in reducing condensation on the furniture, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. This will ultimately help to maintain a dry environment for your furniture.

  • Waterproof Protection
  • Durable Material
  • Universal Fit
  • Air Circulation
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited size variations
Why should you buy the Mrrihand Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers?

Mrrihand Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Cover offers a universal fit, excellent waterproofing, durability, air vent design, and ease of installation. It’s a reliable choice to safeguard your outdoor furniture investment and extend its lifespan.

5. Veranda’s Best Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

Veranda’s Patio Furniture Cushion Storage bag is made from a strong material that feels really durable. It’s made of 100% woven polyester with a special backing that keeps water and moisture out. This is important if you want to ensure your cushions stay in great condition even when it’s rainy or damp outside.

Moreover, the size of the bag is great too. It’s roomy enough to hold a combination of patio furniture cushions and covers, and it can accommodate cushions up to 60 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 28 inches high. This means I can store a good amount of cushions without any issues.

One feature I particularly like is the Gardelle Fabric System. The top of the bag has a nice fabric that not only looks elegant but also has a water-repellent layer. The backing is laminated and resistant to water, which is a big plus. Additionally, there’s a dark splash guard skirt that adds extra protection to the bottom of the bag.

The padded handles are a lifesaver when it comes to moving the bag around. They make it really easy to put the cushions in or take them out, and they’re comfortable to grip.

One tip that I found useful is to keep the bag in a covered area for the best results. This ensures that the cushions and covers stay in top condition throughout the seasons.


Dimensions: 62 x 22 x 30 inches
Material: polyester
Waterproof: yes
Heavy-duty: no
  • Carry handles for transportation
  • Double zippers
  • Durable stitching
  • Air outlets for air circulation
  • Leakage
Why should you buy Veranda’s Best Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers?

If you’re looking for a complete solution to store your patio furniture cushions and covers, I highly recommend Veranda’s Patio Furniture Cushion Storage bag for outdoor equipment and your whole patio set. The collection seems extensive and could provide a unified look for your outdoor space.


What should you look for while choosing heavy waterproof outdoor furniture covers?

  • Size

Before buying furniture covers, you must consider the size of your furniture sets. So that they are covered properly and there is no part left out. For smaller sets, you can use oversized covers and fit them with straps. But if you would choose smaller dimensions for covers, they would probably be of no use. As left-out furniture parts will fade or be damaged with time.

  • Material

The material of these furniture covers matters a lot. As they will be exposed to extreme weather conditions for a long time. Therefore, they should be durable and water-resilient to tackle everything they face. If the material is not durable it won’t stand for a long time and you would’ve to buy it again.

So, look for a one-time investment rather than buying covers again and again. Cheap material not only will last shortly but also won’t provide protection against climate change and would be of no worth.

  • Security type

As you’re looking for outdoor coverage, it implies that they will face windy storms too. Go for those covers that come with drawstrings or other buckle straps to secure them in place with furniture.

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What is the best material to cover outdoor furniture?

The optimal choice for covering outdoor furniture is a material that is waterproof, highly durable, and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Vinyl and polyester are the predominant fabric options for outdoor patio furniture covers due to their specialized composition.

Should you cover outdoor furniture if it’s wet?

If your outdoor furniture lacks water-repellent features, resistance to rot, or protection against mold and mildew, it’s advisable to cover it or bring it indoors when it becomes wet due to rain.

What is the most durable fabric for outdoor furniture?

The two most resilient options for outdoor furniture fabrics are Sunbrella fabric and Tempotest Italian Performance Fabric. These textiles are renowned for their durability and versatility, finding application not only in furniture but also in various other uses.


Selecting outdoor furniture takes lots of time and effort, along with huge budget cuts. You wouldn’t want to ruin all of it in front of climate change. So, to provide protection you should wrap your furniture in covers.

Moreover, these covers should be strong enough to challenge the weather behaviour and should be water-resistant to withstand rainy storms.

In this article, we’ve shared our best picks after conducting multiple tests to see their results. We do hope you’ll find our review worthy and answer your queries. Happy shopping!

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