What To Use In The Bottom Of A Fire Pit?

what do you put in the bottom of a fire pit bowl? When the season is changed and the temperature is falling, life got instantly changes. In this situation, everyone is looking for some cosy activities. In winter, most people are fond of a warm environment. A barbecue and grilling food is supposed to be an important part of winter. The fire pit cooking grate is an amazing product. But what to put in the bottom of a fire pit is questionable.

What to use in the bottom of a fire pit?

Firepits are designed for outdoor cooking activities. For example, you can install your fire pit on the lawn and backyard of your house. They are a great option for fancy house parties. Also, enhance the decoration of your backyard.

The fire pits are mostly used for roasting and grilling foods. These foods included meat, fish, steaks, and vegetables. Before using the fire pit, it needs to be fitted in the backyard. Building or fitting the fire pit is a very simple task. Moreover, it needs some materials. These materials are needed to be put at the bottom of the fire pit.

Our team has checked some materials for filling inside the fire pit bottom. In this article, we have explained some materials. We have also discussed some safety tips for you. For more information, follow this article.

Fire pit Bottom Material – 7 Best  Materials 

After some research, we have prepared a list of some materials. These materials can be put in the bottom of the fire pit bowl.

  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Stones
  • Crushed rocks
  • Bricks
  • Fire Glass
  • Concrete Slabs


Sand is the best option for filling the fire pit bottom. There are types of sand. One type is white sand, the second type is beach sand and the third type is silica sand. It depends upon your choice. You can choose your sand according to your requirements.

Sand is the best insulator. An insulator is a material that allows heat and temperature to go through easily. Therefore, sand also distributes the heat equally in the fire pit. There is no high or low-temperature issue. Sand will also control the chances of any damage to the metal of the fire pit cooking grate.

The use of sand is also an environment-friendly option. It will not spread any pollution. That’s why can be used for indoor cooking.

  • Good base
  • Fireproof
  • Nontoxic
  • Not suitable for gardening


Mud is an easily available material. It can be put inside the bottom of the fire pit. People mostly choose this material because of its heat absorption quality. Even it has low heat résistance as compared to sand.

Mud has a quality of free-of-cost availability. You can dig it up around your house. Even you can dig it up from the garden of your own house.

Just keep in mind that mud should be clean. There should be no dry leaves and grass particles in it. It should be free from ground dirt like extra paper and feathers.

If it is not clear from these particles then there is a chance of unexpected fire during the cooking process. Keep in mind that it can be messy for your hands during the filling of the fire pit bottom.

  • Heat resistance
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • Messy


A layer of stones gives a pleasant impact on your eyes. It is a very catchy scene for your guests. Stones are easily available everywhere. You can use any type of stone. Even the size of stones also can be varying.

Even small stones can be used for creating a stone bed for creating a bottom for a fire pit. Stone is also helpful to control fire. It can be used as an extra heat protection layer.

After building up a layer of stone, you can put the fire pit on it and light the fire for cooking. They have high heat resistance power. They also absorb the extra fire and help to keep the cooking food away from burning.

Stones can also be used for enhancing the beauty of the fireplace. Moreover, it looks very awesome, when you are throwing a New Year party.

  • provide base
  • Fireproof
  • Easy availability
  • Not suitable heavy grills

Crushed rocks: 

The crushed stones are easily available. These are available in different sizes. They are in crushed form so, they can easily spread over the whole area without any problem. Sometimes these crushed stones come in different colours as well.

This quality makes them beautiful as well.  They also decorate the bonfire place. Some other particles like sand or silt can also mix with crushed stones. One thing that should keep in mind is that they are not suitable for high temperatures.

  • Enhance decoration
  • Easy availability
  • Different colours
  • No high temperature

Fire glass: 

Fire glass is a delegate and unique material. It is not very common. This material is specially designed for fire pits. These are available in different designs. They also come in different sizes. They look very beautiful in every design. The choice is in your hand. The best way of buying this fire glass is an online purchase.

Always choose the fire glass colour according to your fire pit area. You can easily find the fire glass according to your choice. They are a little bit costly as compared to other fire pit materials. You should Keep in your mind that fire glass is manufactured for use in the fire pit. However, there is no chance of an explosion in temperature increase.

  • Vast designs
  • Good for decoration
  • Different colours
  • Expensive


Bricks can be placed under the bottom of the fire pit. These have the quality of remaining hot for a long period. To maintain heat for a long time, the bricks are frequently used. These bricks help cook in a managed way. A stone also helps to maintain the heat for a long time. Moreover, using bricks can be more helpful.

Bricks can manage the balance of the fire pit as well. However, irregularly shaped stones are difficult to level inside under the bottom of a fire pit. Using bricks in the bottom of the fire pit is a little bit costly as well. Some house owners built a permanent fire pit at their houses.

These fire pits are built with bricks. Therefore this process needs an expert to do all this process. Once this fire pit is constructed, it will help you throughout your life.

  • Maintain temperature
  • Good for baking
  • Permanent structure
  • Need expert

Lava Rocks:

Lava rocks are a good option for a fire pit. For this purpose, you should choose magma lava rocks. These magma lava rocks are hard to find. However, they retain the temperature high for a long time. They look very fancy in the fire pit as well.

Magma lava rocks come in good colours. They will enhance the beauty of your house garden. Always choose the perfect design for your house. However, you should know that the magma lava rocks price is high. It has a high price as compared to sand and dirt etc.

You should also keep in mind that these rocks are not available on the Internet. This means you cannot order them from online shopping websites. However, when you buy these lava rocks and use them. You will not go for any other option in the fire pit.

  • Maintain temperature
  • Good for baking
  • Permanent structure
  • Expensive

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Fire safety tips – Guide To Follow 

You have many options for the fire pit bottom. In the mean, you should also keep some safety in your mind. After deep experiences, my team has collected some safety tips for you. Keep reading this article.

Perfect location

The most important safety tip is choosing a perfect location. For installing or constructing a perfect fire pit, location is important.

Always install the fire pit from 10 to 15 feet away from residential rooms. It should be away from the trees and grass area of the house.

Distance should be around 20 feet away. However, it should be away from the car porch as well. The reason is petrol or diesel availability there.

Keep some water

Another important safety measure is keeping water close to you. There should be a bucket of water right next to you while you light the fire in the fire pit. Water helps control the fire flames when they cross the fire pit limits.

Take care of the fire

While burning the fire in the fire pit, it is always important to take care of the fire. If you let the fire burn and don’t take any notice of the flame. It would be dangerous for the surroundings. Fire can spread towards the rooms. Dangerous for the kids.

Dispose of the fire

You should dispose of the fire completely. The reason is that fire can spread around the area. So, disposing of all the flames will reduce the chances of burning the fire. When left on fire, it can burn in many areas. Lots of fire incidents happened just because of this negligence.


What to put under a fire pit on grass?

You can transform your fire pit set up with brick pavers. These versatile pavers not only enhance the aesthetics but also shield your lush grass from the fiery heat. Enjoy your outdoor gatherings without worrying about damaging your lawn.

What to put under a fire pit on concrete?

The best way to protect your concrete patio from damage is to use a heat-resistant pad to build your fire pit. This will help distribute the heat evenly, which will help prevent the concrete from cracking or flaking.

Should I put the stone in the bottom of my fire pit?

Diversify your fire pit bottom by considering the utilization of small stones or pea gravel. While a bit more on the pricey side than sand, these alternatives boast comparable protective attributes coupled with a tidier aesthetic appeal. Notably, the pivotal factor is the distinct heat absorption capacity they possess.


Fire pits can fit in every house. They can construct in-house and even in the backyards. The fire pit bottom needs to fill. It can fill in different ways.

Different materials are used to fill this bottom. Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Some materials are easy to find.

Some material is not easily available, like fire glass and lava rocks, etc. Fire pits also need some safety rules. These safety rules are best to avoid fire incidents.

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